Ballybryan Farm is a family run business. Gerard and Paula Lalor have operated their mixed enterprise farm since 1982. They specialise in growing cereal crops (wheat, oats and spring beans), the growing of Irish Heritage Apple varieties in their orchard, keep sheep, and raise bronze turkeys.

Since 2014 Ballybryan Farm has been producing 100% Pure Pressed Apple Juice, from a blend of 20 varieties of Irish Heritage Apples grown in the Ballybryan orchard. The orchard was planted in 2010 with a view to saving the old Irish apple varieties from extinction, while promoting their delicious taste and versatility. The apples are picked by hand in September, and the windfalls are happily eaten by Ballybryan Farm's turkeys who graze all day under the trees. The pure apple juice produced has no added colouring, preservatives or additives and is high in Vitamin C.

The Lalors have been rearing, processing and selling Open-Range Bronze Turkeys since 1995 and started with only 50 birds. They now sell over 650 Bronze Turkeys each Christmas. People travel from all over Ireland to buy their special Christmas Turkey from Ballybryan Farm. They have built up a steady base of highly satisfied repeat customers, who maintain that Christmas just wouldn't be the same without the annual trip to the farm to collect their 'old fashioned taste of Christmas' - a perfectly finished Bronze Turkey.


Our Open Range Bronze Turkeys roam freely through our orchard where they can graze and interact with each other to their heart's content