Apple Juice provides a number of health benefits - it aids a healthy heart and liver, is a good source of iron, calcium, potassium & magnesium, and of course its good for your eyesight. Cloudy Apple Juice (like Ballybryan Apple Juice) contains FIVE times as many beneficial nutrients (minerals, trace elements and vitamins) as clear apple juice. And it tastes great!

The sustainability and biodiversity of Irish orchards have been developed over the last number of years through the work of Irish Seed Savers, who promote and aid the growth of Heritage varieties of Irish Apples. Ballybryan Farm is proud to be a part of this movement and all 20 of our apple varieties are Heritage varieties. More information can be found on our Heritage Apples page

Why do so many companies use green glass bottles? Well, at the start of the 20th Century it was discovered that brown glass inhibited the spoiling effect light had on beer as it inhibited the UV part of the spectrum. During World War 2 brown glass became scarce and green glass was used instead. The colour stuck, despite it not being as effective as brown glass, and so we have the preponderance of green glass bottles we have today. Just make sure you recycle them!